Quotable Quotes

Quote of the month:
"Energy and persistence conquer all things." Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous Christian  —  On The Task Before Us

John Adams

 —  Fires Of Adversity
 —  On Fear
 —  On Independence Day
 —  On Liberty
 —  On Liberty
 —  Moral Authority and Character
 —  Our Constitution
John Quincy Adams  —  On Governing Bodies
 —  Posterity

Samuel Adams

 —  Majority To Prevail?
 —  On Countrymen
 —  On Revolutionary War
 —  On The Value of Virtues
 —  On Virtues of Government Leaders
 —  On Wisdom and Virtue

Henry Ward Beecher

 —  On Prayer
 —  On Responsibility
Phillips Brooks  —  On The Real Struggle
George Bush  —  On The War on Terrorism

Calvin Coolidge

 —  By What Measure
 —  On Character
Albert Einstein  —  On Understanding
Dwight D. Eisenhower  —  On Humility

Benjamin Franklin

 —  On Cause of All Mankind

 —  On Certainty
 —  On The Orator

On Christ's Birthday


On Country


On Energy and Persistence


On Work

James Garlfield  —  On Popular Error
Alexander Hamilton  —  In Politics
 —  On Readiness
President Benjamin Harrison  —  Spirit Of Fraternity

Patrick Henry

 —  On Almighty God ...

On Who and What The United States was Founded


On Who the Battle Belongs To

Herbert Hoover  —  On National Strength
Theodore Roosevelt  —  On The Prize That Life Offers

Thomas Jefferson

 —  A Prayer
 —  Elective Franchise

With Respect To Future Debt


God's Justice


Honor, Justice, and Humanity


Of Providence

 —  On Dependence
 —  On 4 of July 1776
 —  On Telling A Lie

On The Tree of Liberty


On Reading


On Peace and Friendship


On Universal Power

Lyndon B. Johnson  —  Destiny of the United States
General Douglas MacArthur  —  On Moral Decay
Thomas Paine  —  Blessings of Freedom
 —  On Mercy
 —  The Reformation

Abraham Lincoln

 —  On The Bible
 —  On Duty
 —  On Friends
 —  Re: Preparation
 —  On The Weak And Strong
James Madison  —  On the Constitution
 —  Men Having Power
 —  The Essence of Government
 —  Member Of Civil Society
Justin Martyr  —  On Standing
Andrew Murray  —  On Prayer
George Patton  —  On The Object of War

Ronald Reagan

 —  On History

On Terrorism


On Victory

Benjamin Rush  —  On Education
Booker T. Washington  —  On Character

George Washington

 —  A Prayer

The Duty of all Nations


Fatherly wisdom and diplomacy!

 —  His Farewell Address

Honesty is the best policy


The Name of "American"

 —  Policy
 —  Preserving Peace
 —  The Situation
 —  Pursuing Truth
 —  There is but one straight course


 —  We should never despair
Daniel Webster  —  Power Under the Pretense of Public Safety
Woodrow Wilson  —  The Bible

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