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Like a bread without the spreadin',
Like a puddin' without sauce,
Like a mattress without beddin',
Like a cart without a hoss,
Like a door without a latchstring,
Like a fence without a stile,
Like a dry an' barren creek bed -
Is the face without a smile.

Like a house without a dooryard,
Like a yard without a flower,
Like a clock without a mainspring
That will never tell the hour;
A thing that sort o' makes yo' feel
A hunger all the while -
Oh, the saddest sight that ever was
Is a face without a smile!

The face of a man was built for smiles,
An' thereby he is blest
Above the critters of the field,
The birds an' all the rest;
He's just a little lower
Than the angels in the skies,
An' the reason is that he can smile:
Therein his glory lies!

So smile an' don't forgit to smile,
An' smile, an' smile ag'in;
'Twill help you all along the way,
An' cheer you mile by mile;
An' so, whatever is your lot,
Jes' smile, an' smile, an' smile.