What Had Happened Wuz...

Simple Truths
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Jesus paid a visit to a certain young man to see if he completed some tasks that Jesus asked him to do. Here are the man's replies to the Master:

"Well, Lord, I meant to go to Bible Study, but what had happened wuz that I was tired and worn out from the day."

"Lord, I know I promised to read from the Bible last night, but you see, what had happened wuz that I had the Bible out but started watching TV, and then I fell asleep."

"Well, you know Lord, I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, but you know, what had happened with that wuz that she wasn't what I thought she would be."

"Well, Lord, about the conversation with the non-believer, I'm sorry for not defending you, but what had happened wuz that I really didn't know what to say."

"Lord, I meant to go to church today, but what had happened wuz that by the time I woke up, it was already too late to go."

So then the Lord had finally heard enough! The Lord simply asked him to stop. Silence entered the room. And this man wonders why his life is in the shape it is in. The Lord replied to the man with the following:

"Remember the time when you had to face a force greater than you, and you were not sure how to handle the situation? Well, son, I made provisions at the Bible Study the night before, but see, what had happened wuz that you were too tired to receive the plan I had for you. I even tried to reveal it to you in my Word, but what had happened wuz that you fell asleep watching TV.

"Or better yet, do you remember the time that you were so lonely, and just wanted someone who would love you? I gave you your desire, but what had happened was that she wasn't good enough for you, because she didn't give you what you wanted. So now I wonder, was it love you were after, or lust?

"And finally, I give you a chance to redeem yourself, but you failed me again. This non-believer only needed to hear a strong witness, but what had happened wuz that this non-believer was placed on hold because you were too weak in me. The message I sent to church on the Sunday you missed would have won over the non-believer, but see, what had happened wuz that you slept over so you couldn't' make it to church."

You never know the form or fashion or time in which a blessing may be delivered unto you.