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Faithful Word Ministries
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PHONE: 407-402-3441

Faithful Word Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry. Our focus is “transforming lives with the Truth” through preaching, teaching, and counseling according to the integrity and accuracy of the Word of God.

Faithful Word Ministries is dedicated to the preservation of the Christian family as defined by Holy Scripture. In every aspect of ministry we seek to bring glory to the One, True God, doing all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Faithful Word Ministries is headquartered and registered in the State of Florida as a “not-for-profit, charitable corporation (church).” Our ministry is registered with the government of the United States, IRS, as a “not-for-profit, charitable organization” according to all the requirements of 501 (C) (3). Therefore, all donations – monies and material goods – given to Faithful Word Ministries are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

God bless you richly for honoring the Lord. Thank you for your tender prayers and precious gifts.